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MMJ Management

United States

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Long Island Medical Marijuana Company Hiring for Employment


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Plainview, NY 


Other Sales


Earn $100 - $900 per doctor signup, dispensary, smoke shop and other businesses

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Part time, Contractor, Intern



Job Description:

NEW YORK the time has come! and YES this is a REAL job post. Our Medical Marijuana Company located out of Long Island is one of the major players in the legal medical cannabis industry. Starting the company in California and slowly moving across the U.S our company has attracted the likes of millions of followers and participants. We are looking for several Sales Representatives and or Marketing Experts to join our exciting and innovative team. The ideal candidate will be someone willing to work in a high paced environment and work with a close group of individuals. We would like to hire someone that has previous sales experience and personality is KEY! We want characteristic individuals who know how to talk and carry on a conversation.

We are seeking a talented individual who is 420 Friendly and willing to work as a team player in one of the largest Medical Marijuana Marketing Firms in this niche arena. We want young "Go Getters" that understand the value in this niche business and the future of the industry as we see it here at the Medical Cannabis Network.

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is a real job post for the NEW medical marijuana program that went into effect July 5, 2014!!! We currently operate an e-commerce based platform and support all 23 legal states through our website MarijuanaDoctors.com and over 20 other major brands we have established.

Our main focus for now, is someone familiar with all general guidelines of sales to help facilitate Doctor/Patient relationships. We are particularly interested in people who are eager to start right away and will hit the ground running. Our Medical Company is growing rapidly and you will have the opportunity to rise with us, depending on your production value.

Job Requirements:

telecommuting okay

A portfolio is not required but is recommended (Read Below)

At times this will be a client facing role, you will also need to possess
-The confidence to interact with a client and fully understand the scope of their business.
- Present and sell company products and services to potential clients.
- Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity.
- Establish and maintain current client and potential client relationships

Your current skills and abilities will include
- Communicating new product & service opportunities collected in the field to appropriate company staff.
- In-depth knowledge of general sales to build doctor/patient relationships.
- Familiarity with inter office personal communications.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Help sell individual clinics our services while meeting business goals
- Identify sales prospects and contact these and other accounts as assigned.
- Ability to produce and present work confidently and effectively
- A clear understanding of customer-centered design and user experience
- Develop and maintain sales materials and current product knowledge

Work Ethic
- Team Player
- Positive Thinker
- English Speaker
- Hard Worker
- Quick Learner
- Deadline Hitter
- Independent Go Getter

Pay Rate
- This is a commission based job (to start), certain individuals who rise above will be selected for long term employment with the company
- Earn $100 - $900 per doctor location that signs up with our services.
- Bonuses included for highest closure rate at the end of each month

Flexible hours, if you're serious about making money and you think you can contribute to the growth and success of this company, contact us now!

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