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Company Info
Green Risk & Compliance Consulting LLC

United States

Web Site: www.greenaml.com

Company Profile

Bank and Credit Union Employee or Recruiter


Job ID:



Accounting/Finance, Consulting, Financial Services, Freelance Contract, Other Sales


1,000 to 10,000

Job Views:


Employment Type:

Full time, Part time, Contractor, Intern, Seasonal




Banking-Mortgage Professionals

Job Description:

We are THE experts in the legal and compliant banking of the Marijuana & BitCoin industries, and only work with institutions and businesses that are willing to be FULLY COMPLIANT.  Our name and reputation are paramount and we will not compromise it.

We help Marijuana and BitCoin businesses get and keep bank accounts and payment processing LEGALLY!

In order to help further the legal Marijuana & Bitcoin industry, we need to add to our growing list of "friendly" banks and credit unions that are willing to consider this customer base.  

Current bank or credit union employees and Officers that refer us to their institutions, help set-up conference calls, and get meetings to bring us to the table with the C-Level executives.  As a current employee, auditor or vendor, we need your help in getting the opportunity and the "in" at Banks and Credit Unions to allow us to WOW them with our patented legal and compliant risk management processes.

The Target Executive meetings:
  1. Members of Board of Directors
  2. Bank Secrecy Act Officers- BSA OFFICER
  3. Risk Management Officer- ERM
  4. CEO
  5. CFO
  6. COO
  7. Governance Risk & Compliance departments
Target Institutions:

1.  Banks and Credit Unions currently allowing accounts for either MMJ or Bitcoin.
2.  Banks and Credit Unions that currently do NOT allow accounts for these businesses, but would be willing to consider it.   

This is commission only opportunity, and compensation is only available if actual relationships are developed, and end up 

Job Requirements:

Currently or previously employed at a Bank and or Credit Union

Knowledge of your bank's policies and procedures for "high risk" customers

Existing or build relationship with the Target 

Effective communicator and planner

Understanding of the Marijuana industry in your state, and ability to discuss  our products and services and pitch the amazing benefits to the bank or credit union. 

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