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Company Info
Organic Cultivation Corp

United States

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Bulk Sales Representative


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Other Sales



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Employment Type:

Part time, Contractor



Job Description:

Organic Cultivation Corp is currently seeking an energetic and self motivated sales representative to join our company. In this position you will be responsible for selling our bulk cultivation products (grow media, amendments, etc) to commercial grow operations and dispensaries. You will be working with licensed grow operations. We would prefer the representative is located in either CO or WA but are open to other states with recreational or medical marijuana laws. This job will be commissions based + travel expenses will be covered. You will receive residual income on reoccurring orders from each commercial account you close!
You will be responsible for:
·      Initiating leads and appointments with commercial grow operations
·      Educating potential clients about the products we offer
·      Negotiating the terms (within our guidelines) and closing the sale
·      Building your client base and managing existing clients on a day to day basis

Job Requirements:

·      Direct experience/Expertise in growing organic cannabis
·      Extensive network within the local
·      Previous sales experience
·      Ability to delegate 25+ hours a week towards generating sales for OCC
·      Background in horticulture/permaculture/ soil science is preferred

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