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Green Risk & Compliance Consulting LLC

United States

Web Site: www.greenaml.com

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Be the industry pioneer and knowledge leader in Marijuana Related Business Banking.  We will strive to nimbly evolve, with continuous innovation and improvement to prudent Financial Institution Anti-Money Laundering risk management tactics and techniques.  In order for the industry to continue its growth and evolution nationwide, Green AML will provide value added services while instilling the ethics, transparency, professionalism, and stability that will be paramount.  e achieve this by providing value-added services   


Legal Marijuana in 2014 saw huge leaps toward legality and legitimacy, voters broke down barriers in many states to further it's spread nationwide.  FinCEN released guidance that provided the framework for banking Marijuana Related Businesses, and the FDIC has accepted it as industry standards and guidance.  Also, the 2015 Federal Budget effectively eliminated the Department of Justice's ability to interfere with legal state marijuana programs.  

However, even with these great accomplishments, Marijuana is still classified by the Federal Government as a Schedule I Drug and Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB's) operating legally in their state under proper licenses, within state and local laws continue to have major issues finding and keeping basic banking relationships.  Their businesses are still mainly cash based, and this niche is where Green AML's value added services fit in. 

Green AML tracks and reports on this cash based dilemma. We have used this knowledge and trends to develop our patented and copyrighted methods and SOLUTIONS that add value for Financial Institutions, Marijuana Related Businesses, AND Native American Reservations.  

Our end-to-end risk management solutions solve these problems, and help all parties WIN to achieve their own missions .  Our patented processes are built on traditional Anti-Money Laundering protocols, go beyond federal guidance and state laws, and fully utilizes all the digital information and social media KYC/CDD/EDD information on an online platform to eliminate paper.  

I am an ultra-prudent community/regional bank BSA & Compliance Officer by career, and this program is loved by other prudent BSA Officer's and regulators around the country!  

We also have strategic partnership with a similar firm BitAML.com that serves the Bitcoin industry.

Please contact us at greenaml.com/rsvp to hear more about our innovative and unique solutions for the future!

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Green Risk & Compliance Consulting LLC
We are THE experts in the legal and compliant banking of the Marijuana & BitCoin industries, and only work with...

Posted: 02.25.2015

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