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Blue Line Protecction Group

CO, United States

Web Site: http://www.bluelineprotectiongroup.com/

Company Description:

Blue Line Protection Group is a highly trained asset protection company and the nation’s premier cash-based business security and protection company.  We provide top-tier security services to clients who demand the utmost in professional protection and armed transportation services.

very day, we deploy professional teams of security experts to provide safe and responsible compliance, protection and transportation services for high-risk, high-value asset industries.  We set the standard of a top-tier asset protection and logistics company by focusing on four operational strategies we call SPEC:
Our first priority is the safety of the general public and our clientele.  Where there’s money, there’s the potential for crime, and many of our clients operate cash-based businesses.  Just as banks rely on armored services to transport their assets, our clientele need to rely on trained protection specialists to safely transport their cash and products.  Lawful business owners and their employees — untrained, unarmed and unarmored — put themselves and the general public at risk when they move their cash and products between their businesses and storage facilities.  Blue Line Protection Group minimizes the risk of felony criminal activity and creates a secure retail experience by protecting businesses on-site and securing their assets on the road.
To ensure the safety of the general public and our lawful clientele, we need the best people on our team.  Blue Line Protection Group honors America’s veterans and their service to our country, and we look to ex-military and former law enforcement professionals to fill our ranks and become the first line of defense for our clients.  We continually train our staff in firearms use, emergency procedures and critical incident response tactics, ensuring that our security expertise remains the top in the industry.  Our clients deserve the best in asset protection, and we give it to them.
Ensuring a safe, responsible and legitimate lawful retail industry involves more than just providing security services to businesses.  Blue Line Protection Group works side-by-side with retail establishments and helps them remain compliant with all pertinent laws.  We also provide crime prevention training to mitigate potential threats, and we assist business owners by proposing cost-cutting ideas and methods pertaining to product logistics and cash management that help their establishments operate more efficiently.  We believe that informed, responsible business owners enhance the retail experience for their customers and present fewer problems for industry regulators.
Building an industry from the ground up takes time and effort; building a secure, legitimate and responsible industry takes much more.  Blue Line Protection Group is on the front lines of lawful, cash-based retail establishments, and we realize that it’s in everybody’s best interest to help establish responsible and accountable business models and methods of operation.  We do this by working closely with industry leaders and state and federal government representatives, defining potential problems and establishing procedures to ensure that retail establishments remain in compliance with government regulators.  Communication between all interested parties is the key to ensure a healthy and responsible new industry.

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Blue Line Protecction Group Boulder / Denver, CO
Blue Line Protection Group is a growing company within the lawful cannabis industry. The operator position is an...

Posted: 02.25.2015
Blue Line Protecction Group Denver, CO
Blue Line Protection Group is the industry leader in asset logistics, compliance verification and security solutions...

Posted: 01.23.2015
Blue Line Protecction Group Winter Park, CO
Blue Line Protection Group is a growing company within the lawful cannabis industry. The operator position is an...

Posted: 01.23.2015

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