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370 Rosewood Avenue
Winnetka, IL, United States

Web Site: www.getniwa.com

Company Description:

The Niwa One System creates the best environment to grow your plants

Niwa is a hardware and software platform designed to enable anyone to grow at home through a simple user experience. With the Niwa One system, you simply have to download the app, connect your unit to the internet and begin growing. To do this you have to plant your seeds, launch the application and choose what you want to grow. At that point, the Niwa One system creates an environment perfect for your plants throughout all stages of development.

The Niwa One systems can grow a diverse set of crops: tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, and other herbs. The Niwa platform is an ideal way to grow and learn to farm especially if you've never grown fruits and vegetables before. The platform extends beyond a simple grow system with an app. It supports a global community that learns from one another enhancing the growing experience and intelligence. We're collecting data from sensors and learning from our growers to ensure the platform continues to evolve over time. Come be part of the Niwa community to see what you can grow!

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