Happy Birthday to WeedHire!!!! What a year it has been. When I think back on what has occurred over the course of a single year for both WeedHire and legal cannabis, its truly exciting. 10518974_678550785514683_5042379708007928157_n

A few Weedhire milestones to highlight:

Launched first iPhone app for the marijuana jobs industry Developed
Launched first Android app for the marijuana jobs industry
Received recognition Press coverage from established media sources such as Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Inc., Esquire, CNN, Comedy Central and High Times AOL
Our Quarterly Cannabis Jobs Report & Infograph has been cited in many major publications
Growing social media following
Industry sponsorships and educational seminars
Partnerships and tools within the legal marijuana industry, as well as in the mainstream employment services industry
Hireology – Hireology’s recognized, web-based, data-driven hiring management software is used by businesses internationally. This software allows hiring managers to consistently make educated hiring decisions, leading to lower turnover and increased staffing efficiency.

WeedHire Cannabis Advisory Council (the “WCAC”) – We formed the WCAC, which works with industry participants who possess what we believe to be unique skill-sets that can help us develop strategies for future growth within the legal cannabis industry.

WeedHire is privileged to be a part of the industry not only for what it means economically but even more so in healthcare.

We are all very aware of the Healthcare industry’s limited acceptance of legal cannabis due to Federal classifications. We must continue to look toward the future with the idea that medical cannabis is no longer an “if” but “when”.

We as an industry will be challenged to create legitimacy and forward thinking plans to enable cannabis to be universally accepted and legal. We applaud the passion and commitment to those on the front lines in the manufacturing and distribution of legal cannabis and cannabis products.

It remains the WeedHire mission be the gateway for those qualified individuals and companies to enter the legal cannabis industry and create a long-term sustainable business for both the recreational and medical industries.

We have received so many emails and calls thanking us for creating a website to which enables these opportunities to be realized. We at WeedHire would like to thank all of our supporters and look forward to building an industry together with our customers and partners for many years to come.

Thank you