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Company Info
C2 Canna Pack
2313 E. Philadelphia Street Unit D
Ontario, CA, United States

Web Site: www.c2cannapack.com

Company Profile

Entrepreneurial Internship


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Administrative, Consulting, Marketing, Other Sales, Website Online



Job Views:


Zip Code:


Employment Type:

Part time, Intern



Job Description:

Are you articulate, influencing, and helpful? Are you looking to gain knowledge in branding, packaging, and entrepreneurship? C2 Canna Pack is seeking a highly skilled recent graduate or student to participate on a learning experience that will increase knowledge in various aspects of running a startup business. Depending on your current skill sets will determine how you are utilized in the organization. Currently, we have needs for growth in sales, marketing, social media, website development, business development, and administration.

Sales & Marketing Role:
All participants in sales and marketing roles needs to be highly communicative, confident and customer service oriented. This may seem like the least favorite role to be apart in, but it’s is the most important for increasing the overall growth of the company. When working in this role, we will provide you with product knowledge and the tools you need to excel. You will work closely with the sales manager to craft the ultimate communication style to help you develop rapport and close deals with clients.

Website Development:
As a new startup, the website is super important to showcase to the outside world the type of company we want to be. You will work closely with the Admin team to update content, take product photography, and positively impact the SEO of the site. You will help with writing blogs.

Business Development:
During the duration of your internship, we will ask you to spearhead a business development project. You will personally decide what project you want to be involved in and how you want to influence the business. This will be a project where you will have access to a mentor to help guide you in the correct direction. Common projects could be involved around sales strategy, creating a monthly networking event, etc. Whatever interests you, we want you to explore that project! No more wasting time on things you’re not interested in exploring.

Job Requirements:

  • Most important…We need someone who is grounded, knows who they are as a person, and knows what they want in life. This person is interested in success and is mindful in all areas of their life, but also knows how to have a good time. A balanced individual.
  • We must have this person comfortable in their own skin! They must not be afraid to make mistakes and to learn. This individual is confident in their ability to excel and grow as an individual.
  • We hope this person is highly articulate, knows how to influence, and is helpful. A main task for this role is tele-marketing, and we need this person to have excellent communication skills. Someone who doesn’t need to read off a script and is naturally communicative to new faces. This person should be confident in their ability to communicate with clients.
  • We don’t care about degrees and what you studied in the past. What we do like to see is what you can bring to the table. You don’t have to have lots of experience, but we do like to see traits that show leadership and extracurricular activities.

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