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glendale, az.
Arizona, AZ, United States

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Cultivation rights for caregiver partner


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Arizona, AZ 





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Full time





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~~Job Description:

I am seeking to partner with a master cultivator of medicinal marijuana who wants to begin the business together in Arizona.

I have cultivation rights 25miles out as a legal patient and would so love to begin a cultivation with someone who has everything needed to up to 60 plants legally each.

I am 100% serious and am ready to begin operations yesterday.

You must know the process as a master and have the knowledge to create a grow for us, we will combine our resources and make it happen with these legal cultivation rights as a win-win-win business for myself, you and Arizona patients.

Be ready to get started asap if you're not already cultivating!

you must be able and willing to provide the following:

1.  the place to live and grow anywhere in Arizona up to 120 plants legally with me.
2. the willingness to mentor and teach me how to cultivate in exchange for you receiving the legal right to become a caregiver with 5 patients in exchange.
3. all the equipment and everything needed to establish and maintain our grow.
4. money needed to obtain our patients and cards as needed.
5. an automobile for us to use.

in exchange i can make you a legal caregiver and myself too in Arizona...that is giving you a career as a master cultivator in Arizona in exchange.

you must be single and cat friendly and willing to let me move in!

if yes to all above..contact me for more information.  thankyou and God Bless.
100% serious inquiries to Lr444k@cox.net

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