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Company Info

San Francisco, CA, United States

Web Site: http://woodstalkbamboo.com/

Company Profile

WoodStalk seeking street team members- must be a cannabis user


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San Francisco, CA 


Marketing, Other Sales


Free swag, Commission on sales (20% first time sales, 10% on reoccurring sales), and occasionally free concert/ cannabis event tickets

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Employment Type:

Part time



Job Description:

Description: We're create eco-friendly cannabis stash jars handmade out of bamboo. Our sole mission is phase out the single-use plastics and reconnect cannabis users to a natural product. We're expanding quickly and need help from the ground up in your area. We're a small company, but we're looking to grow with the team and right people.

Job Requirements:

The ideal candidate will be chill, confident, eloquent, and able to genuinely connect with people. The candidate should be a cannabis user, familiar with the cannabis' industry's landscape, and would benefit from knowing people in dispensaries and headshops personally.

We're currently looking to bring on 1-2 team member from in your area. This position is part-time and commission based, but works well for those who already in the industry or need some side cash. We'll start you off by sending you products, you get to rock them, showcase them to stores in your area, and you'll receive 20% commission on first time sales, and 10% on reoccurring sales. Theoretically, you could hustle and get to every store in your area, and assuming you land any stores, you would collect on any orders in the future. Again, not a huge time commitment, but perfect for those who already have and "in" and those who only wish to work part-time. Depending on how we grow, we could establish you as the regional manager and have you represent us at cannabis cups and music festivals.

If you're interested, feel free to check out our site, our Instagram @woodstalk_bamboo, send me a resume, and a 1-3 paragraph response of what the deepest insight you've ever had while smoking. Feel free to let loose and be creative- we're stoners ourselves ; )


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