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Solstice Grown

Seattle, WA, United States

Web Site: http://www.solsticegrown.com/

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Director of Finance


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Seattle, WA 


Accounting/Finance, Administrative, Management



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Full time



Job Description:

Solstice www.solsticegrown.com was the first commercial supplier of cannabis to the medical cannabis industry in 2011 and home to the first fully permitted large-scale cannabis production and processing facility in Washington. Solstice's co-founders Will Denman and Alex Cooley were instrumental in creating the 'Collective Garden' model for cannabis cultivation -- one that enables patients to receive their medicine in a safe, legal manner. Solstice is committed to providing a consistent supply of premium, 100% organic, lab-tested cannabis for the community, and bringing a high standard of transparency, safety, compliance, and professionalism to the industry.

Director of Finance Position for Solstice

Solstice is currently seeking a highly organized, efficient, and experienced Director of Finance. We are looking for candidates who wish to bring past financial experience and expertise to the growing cannabis industry, and create a foundation for sustained success.

Initiative is crucial. This is a position that requires critical thinking and sound judgment, as well as an intuitive grasp of how to navigate an industry in its infancy. Financial hurdles that are specific to cannabis include the 280e tax code, a lack of banking recourses, and state residency requirements.

Diplomacy, clarity, and precision in writing and speaking are required. You are part of the backbone for Solstice, so a high level of integrity is a must. You'll be asked to understand past business and use that understanding to accurately project and evaluate future business. Interaction with vendors, investors, and consumers will be common, and we ask that you possess and employ excellent communication skills.

Currently, the finance department at Solstice is small. The job of the VP Finance will therefore include daily accounting and finance duties plus the tactical and strategic responsibilities including capital raisings. Ultimately, this position will transition into a more strategic role as we develop and implement our vision to build a regional brand.

Above all, this position asks for a consistently positive, friendly, and assertive manner with accounts, regulators, leadership, and the Solstice team.

Job Requirements:

• 3 -- 5 years of work experience in accounting and finance.
• Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, or Finance (MBA preferred).
• Proficiency with enterprise software solutions.
• Experience with start-up and growth companies.
• Remuneration: TBD

For specific duties and responsibilities, please see the attached sheet:

Director of Finance Strategic Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

• Develop knowledge of the market segment and Company history/vision.
• Evaluate market position, strategy, and opportunities.
• Analyze and recommend pricing models to Executive Staff.
• Develop compensation strategy and performance measures that support the company's strategic direction.
• Develop and manage a comprehensive tax strategy.
• Construct and monitor reliable internal control systems.
• Develop Accounting & Finance Department to serve Company growth.
• Attend industry events and establish thought leadership in the cannabis segment.
• Work with executive staff to strengthen PPM and recommend capital raising strategies.
• Communicate with investors regarding current and future performance.

Director of Finance Tactical Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

• Manage company payroll, AP/AR, bank recs, and other daily financial operations.
• Establish and manage payment practices.
• Manage cash flow: current balances and forecasting cash receipts and uses.
• Recruit, hire, and train Accounting & Finance staff.
• Maintain confidential compliance files in both hardcopy and digital formats.
• Manage quarterly and annual local, state, and federal tax obligations.
• Utilize enterprise software to track and record financial data, prepare ad-hoc financial reports, budgets and forecasts.
• Prepare monthly financial statements for executive review.
• Prepare quarterly presentation for board members to include review, analysis, projections, and opportunities.

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