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San Francisco, CA, United States

Web Site: http://woodstalkbamboo.com/

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WoodStalk started as many awesome ideas often do- through the strong bonds of friendship. James and Mike met as undergraduates at UC Berkeley in 2007 and have been brothers since. Brought together by a deep sense of curiosity and imagination, James and Mike would endlessly explore creative solutions to a host of evolving challenges that arose in their community.

Of particular interest, they returned to nature to find innovative solutions for man-made problems. They realized there was an opportunity to change the way consumers interacted with stores by introducing reusable and sustainable bamboo containers as an alternative to the single-use plastic containers that are often distributed. Much like the widely adopted use of reusable grocery bags at stores, WoodStalk hopes to present an environmentally conscious solution to a growing problem of unsustainable consumer practices.

If the bamboo containers are the body of WoodStalk, the very soul is the hope to inspire a new level of reflection that binds personal action with global consequences. Only when we become aware of how our actions have a deeper impact on our environment can we begin to make choices that reflect a sensitivity and respect for a larger, interconnected environment.

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WoodStalk San Francisco, CA
Description: We're create eco-friendly cannabis stash jars handmade out of bamboo. Our sole mission is phase...

Posted: 02.22.2015

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