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Cronic Lifestyle Magazine

Denver, CO, United States

Web Site: http://www.cronicmag.com/

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The winds of change are upon us as the landscape of medical marijuana is shifting to accommodate an entirely new and recreational market, one that caters to anyone over 21! Along with other provisions, such as the freedom to grow your own plants and the freedom to cultivate hemp in the U.S for the first time since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

But we mustn’t forget that cannabis is still a medicinal plant, recreational or not, its healing properties continue to prove themselves time and time again. Hemp has also proved to be an incredible source of food and is remarkably versatile and eco-friendly with many modern applications for fuel, clothes, paper, beauty products, automobile fabrication, toxic waste removal and building material. The simple fact that we can heal ourselves, heal our environment, alleviate famine and encourage prosperity all over the world with this one amazing plant is phenomenal!

That said, you hold in your hands the very first and only Recreational Marijuana Magazine in the world. Cronic Lifestyle Magazine is a publication of complete and utter historical significance that may not be fully realized for years to come. Even with magazines like High Times that have encom­passed the culture of weed for decades or Culture magazine that caters to the Medical Marijuana Industry, Cronic is the first national report on actual legal and recreational cannabis available to you, the reader, without requiring a medical marijuana card or a visit to Amsterdam (the former international marijuana Mecca). We no longer have to hide behind a medical condition to take that toke, it’s now recreational and can be enjoyed in its many forms from medicating to meditating and to a little partying!

History will show that commercially-available cannabis hit the shelves starting in 2014 in both Colorado and Washington State and that residents and visitors ages 21 and up can enjoy cannabis freely and safely without the fear of legal crackdown. Meanwhile, in states like Texas and Oklahoma you’re put in jail, you have to pay fines and you’re labeled a criminal for life over a few grams of weed! This injustice is all too common and has gone on for far too long, it remains our mission to spread the Ganja Gospel nationwide so that we may educate the misinformed and persuade the ignorant so that we may soon end this ridiculous war on cannabis and start to legalize and heal our world!

So you see, we’re not just another weed magazine, we’re a powerful and passionate global movement and we’re bringing the Cronic Lifestyle to you! So absorb the images in this magazine and envision the future and know that one day soon your state too will be legalized! In the meantime keep us on hand for your visit to beautiful Colorado and Washington State; the stores listed here are open and awaiting your arrival. Remember to smoke responsibly, respect others and to always keep it Cronic…

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Cronic Lifestyle Magazine Denver, CO
Cronic Lifestyle Magazine is America's first recreational Marijuana magazine in the world and we're looking...

Posted: 02.22.2015

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